Production, Restoration,
and Repair of Buddha Statues


From Custom-Made Buddha Statues & Portrait Statues
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What’s The Production Process Like?

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What’s The Production Process Like?
We will talk about the details of your requests. We may present you with suggestions if you don’t have a specific image of the statue.
See“production process” for the details.

AboutMiyaki NATSUKI

Born in Gifu pref. in 1989. Graduated from the department of sculpture in 2013, and then completed the first semester of Conservation Course Sculpture Laboratory, Graduate School of Conservation at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She then worked as a teaching assistant, senior tutor, and at the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2) of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Natsuki then completed the second semester of Conservation Course Sculpture Laboratory, Graduate School of Conservation in Tokyo University of the Arts and acquired a Ph.D in the Conservation of Cultural Properties. She is currently dedicated to production and repairment of statues including Buddha statues and cultural properties in Tokyo.

Working as a Sculptor

Since I became fascinated by the production and art of Buddha statues when I was a student, I’ve been cultivating my skills and knowledge through various aspects - research, production, and repairment. Once the statues leave my hands, they will become something worshiped by people. That fact always reminds me to put everything I have into each process of the production. It’s not that I choose the statues I produce or repair, but through encounters we get linked together. Appreciating those precious bonds and consulting clients carefully, I promise that we will find the best plan and achieve your wishes.

Giving a Shape to Each Emotion